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Digital Savings Card

When you create an account online at African Wines, we automatically create a digital Savings Card for you. This can be found in your account at "Show Digital Savings Card". On this Savings Card we can place vouchers, for example when you return items.


You will receive a stamp on your Savings Card with every purchase. You will receive 5% on the items you order, provided there is no discount on them. After five stamps, we add them together and convert them into a voucher, which is automatically redeemed with your next order. Do you exchange the five stamps with your order? Then you start building up stamp amounts again.

Terms and Conditions
  • Your Digital Savings Card is personal and therefore non-transferable.
  • Amounts on your Digital Savings Card are valid indefinitely. They are automatically redeemed.
  • African Wines vouchers are not exchangeable for cash. Refund is not possible.
  • Accrued stamps will be corrected after return.

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